Mobile-friendly Design

A mobile-friendly website is no longer a “good-to-have” feature for site-owners.

With mobile devices overtaking traditional desktop computers for web browsing in 2016, more consumers are now abandoning the desk-bound environment and are accessing your websites on-the-go via their mobile phones or tablets.

This need for a mobile-friendly website is further exacerbated by Google’s decision to move their indexing algorithms towards mobile-first. This results in better search rankings for sites that adhere to mobile-friendliness.


How can Moving Mouse help you develop a mobile-friendly website?

capabilities responsive design

A website that adjusts to a diverse range of different device screen sizes and layouts while still selling your message. Important marketing collateral are re-positioned and resized as required to maintain your marketing angle.

Even as mobile broadband speeds continue to improve, website load speeds may still be susceptible to various factors such as your proximity to cellular base stations and current network loads. It is important to monitor and minimise the page-load-time on your website, especially on your landing page. With so many businesses vying for visitors, you cannot risk any visitor leaving your page simply because of a slower load speed.

Some “mobile-friendly” sites are designed simply by collapsing all content to fit into the small mobile viewport, without ample consideration on the resulting usability. Text becomes too small to read without zooming, while important links and buttons become unclickable because they are either too small, or are positioned too close to each other.